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We share a common story with many of our clients.  We have both been through the emotional pain and loss of loved ones and more specifically, parents.  We have dealt with the frustrations and blessings of assisted living, skilled nursing, and hospice and we feel your pain and exhaustion.  We know the obstacles and dilemma's of what to do with a home full of memories and a lifetime of accumulation.  We have compassion for the fact that it's more than a $40 crystal wine glass,  its a lifetime of toasting friends and family at the Holidays.  So you see, we feel that Swanson-Young Estate Sales is a service to help you with the overwhelming task of liquidating an estate and look forward to working for you!

Liz Swanson
Raised in Huntsville, AL and  attended the University of North Alabama, graduating with a degree in Education.   After her years as an educator she took those skills and applied them in the Antiques, Interiors and Collectibles business.  Working  in a shop in Roswell GA, for more than 10 years alongside a certified appraiser, Liz increased her knowledge of the business.  She was also assisting with estate sales the shop held, handling all aspects of the sales.   Liz realized she loved this part of the business, and decided to start her own estate sale Company, Swanson-Mabry.  With the retirement of her original partner Liz and Kay joined forces to continue on as Swanson-Young Estate Sales.  

Kay Young
Growing up in Newnan, GA with parents who owned a salvage and construction business,And loved going to antique auctions.  Kay was exsposed to and developed a love for antiquing.  She remembers visiting 

 her dads barn to check out the cool stuff he had salvaged from tearing down some of  Newnans' old houses and churches.  After studying fashion merchandising at The University of Alabama, she opened her own retail boutique which lasted for 11 yrs.   After the death of her mother in law ,and helping to go through her belongings, Kay rediscovered her love again for collectibles and beautiful things.  With  a house full of  her mother in laws antiques,and her dads salvaged goods, Kay realized she needed to do something .   Having a retail background, and wanting to go back to work she decided to open an antique booth and stumbled upon the shop in Roswell where she first met Liz Swanson.    the rest is history................

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