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Our background in Vintage and Antique items means we can fairly evaluate and price items accordingly.  When items are outside of our expertise we will seek outside assistance in evaluating.  


Interiors and furniture are staged and priced to ensure maximum value.  Our Estate Sale customers know that Swanson-Young sales are fairly priced and that has ensured a dedicated following, which means value for you.


Our team loves collectors and we treat your lifetime of collections with care and understand that these items are a part of you and/or your family's life.  Our goal it to help ensure they are handled and sold in a professional manner. 


Our staff is well versed in costume and fine jewelry.   While gold and silver items are normal in a sale, we strongly recommend that Estate and very fine items not be included in the sale but handled in other venues such as Auction or Consignment.


Most buyers that frequent estate sales can tell by the set-up if the estate sale company running the liquidation is professional or not just by the appearance. High end and sought after items should be prominently and securely displayed.  Swanson-Young excels at, and are proud of, our staging experience. Our customers appreciate the effort that goes into making their homes items shine.


Once the contract is signed you can sit back and relax knowing that you estate is in good hands.  Our staff understands that whatever the reason for the sale we will treat your items as our own.  That means making every effort to maximize your sales earnings.  


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